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Khaleeji Bank Launches a New Electronic Platform & Mobile Application for its Corporate Clients called “Hafeez”

Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain: Khaleeji Bank, one of the leading Islamic Banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has recently announced the launch of a new Electronic Platform & Mobile Application for its corporate clients, contributing to enhancing their banking experience on a broader scale. “Hafeez” is considered one of the most advanced banking platforms in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as it aligns with the bank’s commitment to providing many innovative products & services. This new platform embodies Khaleeji’s ongoing efforts to lead in the digital transformation of banking services in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC region.

This platform offers innovative features, with a focus on streamlined registration for entrepreneurs, including both individual and multi-partner businesses. Khaleeji has prioritised the development of the platform’s login page to ensure seamless account access, incorporating options for registration and password recovery. The comprehensive interface also provides users with a detailed summary of their bank account, including financial analysis and transaction history, offering valuable insights into account activity and transactions. Multiple options have also been included for transferring funds electronically, including local & international transfer and bulk payment, in addition to the ease of transferring monthly salaries with a preloading service, which is supported by new security technologies before allowing the process to be completed and is also linked to the Wage Protection System.

Additionally, the new updates come with the option to provide a detailed view of account balances, transaction history, and organization-specific information. Khaleeji has also enhanced this new platform with improved audit and transaction records.



Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Osama Ali Nasr, Chief Technology Officer, said “We are delighted to announce the launch of “Hafeez” for corporate clients, aimed at enhancing the high-quality services offered by the bank to this segment of our client base. By incorporating cutting-edge A.I. technologies, this platform delivers optimal efficiency and convenience for corporate users, streamlining processes and providing valuable insights into their banking transactions. This results in an enhanced user experience and reinforces the bank’s position as a frontrunner in digital innovation within the banking industry, both locally and regionally. Additional features will be introduced in the upcoming months, and we are confident that this new platform will fortify our relationship with corporate clientele and support their continued growth and success.”

On his part, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Burashid, Head of Corporate Banking & Debt Capital Markets, invited Khaleeji’s corporate clientele to proactively register to this platform and leverage the comprehensive suite of services it offers, emphasising their pivotal role in delivering a myriad of features. He also highlighted that the platform’s launch is a direct response to the requirements of this market segment, tailored to fulfil their desire for a premium and convenient banking experience.

Commenting further, Mr. Burashid added “We are delighted to introduce our cutting-edge corporate banking platform, which embodies our dedication to enhancing and broadening our services to deliver the optimal user experience for our valued clients. “Hafeez” marks a significant milestone in the way businesses manage their financial affairs, offering a streamlined banking experience with sophisticated features tailored to address their unique requirements. This reiterates Khaleeji’s ongoing commitment to surpass client expectations by continuously enhancing our offerings and introducing innovative solutions to meet their needs.”

Khaleeji Bank is a leading Islamic bank that strives to achieve clients’ ambitions through an Islamic banking model that offers a comprehensive range of high quality Shari’a-complaint banking services & investment opportunities to individuals and companies.


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