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Khaleeji Bank launches Exceptional Doctors Financing Scheme in Collaboration with Tamkeen

Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain: Khaleeji Bank, one of the leading Islamic Banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has recently signed an agreement with the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” to introduce an exceptional financing program to support Bahraini doctors working in both the public and private sectors who wish to continue their postgraduate education.

The signing ceremony was held at Tamkeen headquarters, where Ms. Ameera Ahmed Al Abbasi, Head of Retail Banking, signed the agreement on behalf of Khaleeji Bank, while Ms. Maha Abdulhameed Mufeez, Chief Executive Officer, signed on behalf of Tamkeen, in the presence of several officials from both sides.

This program aims to provide doctors with financial support and the necessary training in specialisations that enable them to develop their careers in this important sector, which is also reflected in the development of national cadres in the Kingdom’s health sector overall.

In addition, Khaleeji’s Doctors Financing Scheme, implemented in partnership with Tamkeen, is compatible with the Provisions & Principles of Islamic Shari’a and aims to provide financial support to Bahrani doctors who meet the programs requirements, by financing the program for a period of up to 114 months (9.5 years) with a value of up to BD 30,000.

On this occasion, Ms. Ameera Ahmed Al Abbasi stated “This agreement exemplifies the strength of our partnership with Tamkeen. We are proud of our productive collaboration with this prominent institution in multiple areas, sharing a goal of promoting the economy, creating employment opportunities for Bahraini citizens, and enhancing their skills and abilities.”

Ms. Al Abbasi added “Stemming from the bank’s role as partners in ambition, we support such initiatives and seek to develop them to have a significant and tangible impact on advancing the Kingdom’s medical and healthcare sector. Through this step, we encourage Bahraini doctors to join this program and enhance their knowledge and practical experience through exclusive financing solutions that pave the way towards participating in educational programs that will positively impact their future careers, as well as the medical and healthcare services provided in such institutions across the Kingdom.”

For her part, Ms. Maha Abdulhameed Mufeez said “This initiative represents part of Tamkeen’s commitment to training and employing national cadres in various economic sectors, especially the promising healthcare sector which contributes to making specialised national cadres the ideal choice for employment. Since its launch in early March of this year, these initiatives have resulted in the employment of 131 Bahraini doctors in private medical facilities, while 11 currently employed doctors received support to increase their wages. From this standpoint, we continue to provide the necessary support to doctors working in hospitals and healthcare institutions, which contributes to achieving the desired development goals and providing the labour market with the necessary skills and specialisations to leave a positive impact on the national economy.”

Khaleeji is a leading Islamic Bank that strives to achieve clients’ aspirations through an Islamic banking model that offers a comprehensive range of high quality Shari’a-complaint banking services and investment opportunities to individuals and companies.





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