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Credimax and Nasmaakum Join Forces to Enhance Accessibility for the Deaf Community

Today marks a significant milestone in the journey towards greater inclusivity and accessibility as Nasmaakum, the groundbreaking and pioneering mobile application  developed by Invita and designed to facilitate seamless interaction through sign language, joins forces with Credimax, a leading financial institution, to ensure equitable access to financial services for the Deaf community.


The signing ceremony, held at Invita Company W.L.L. and attended by representatives from both Nasmaakum and Credimax, signifies a collaborative commitment to bridging communication gaps and empowering individuals of all abilities to engage confidently in financial transactions.


“Nasmaakum is thrilled to partner with Credimax in our shared mission to foster inclusivity and accessibility,” says Rahul Bhalla, Chief Executive of Invita. “By integrating sign language communication into the financial landscape, we are breaking down barriers and opening doors to economic empowerment for the Deaf community.”


Through this strategic partnership, Credimax will leverage Nasmaakum’s innovative sign language platform to enhance communication channels with Deaf customers, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience. From customer service interactions to customer inquiries, Nasmaakum’s intuitive sign language features will empower Deaf individuals to navigate the world of finance with confidence and autonomy.


“We are proud to collaborate with Nasmaakum to make financial services more accessible to everyone,” says Ali Saeed Head of customer service and VIP of Credimax. “By embracing diversity and leveraging technology, we are reinforcing our commitment to serving all members of our community with dignity and respect.”


Nasmaakum and Credimax are committed to driving positive change and fostering a more inclusive society where every individual has equal opportunities to thrive.


Together, let’s build a world where accessibility and inclusivity are the cornerstones of progress.



About Credimax:

Credimax is a leading financial institution based in Bahrain, committed to providing innovative financial solutions and excellent customer service.


About Nasmaakum:

Nasmaakum is a groundbreaking mobile application designed to facilitate seamless communication through sign language, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for the Deaf community.


Media Contact: Fallon Van Twest – Projects Lead: +973 17506218


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