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“Building Bridges: Ali Khalaf and Belgian Ambassador in Strategic Talks.”

05 October 2023 – (Amman, Jordan): Ali Khalaf, Managing Director of Reynaers Middle East, recently held an enriching meeting with His Excellency Serge Dickschen, the Ambassador of Belgium to Jordan and Iraq, during his visit to the Reynaers Jordan office. The discussions centred around business prospects in Jordan and Iraq, serving as a platform for an engaging exchange of insights and ideas.

During the meeting, Mr. Khalaf introduced Reynaers Middle East, highlighting its operations, and outlining the ambitious plans set forth for both the Jordanian and Iraqi markets. The discussion emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering sustainable partnerships.

Ambassador Dickschen expressed his appreciation for the overview of Reynaers Middle East’s activities and initiatives. He underscored the significance of such collaborations and commended the company’s endeavours in the market. Furthermore, he encouraged the facilitation of constructive dialogues between key stakeholders in both Iraq and Amman to propel mutually beneficial opportunities.

RME is the subsidiary office of the leading European specialist Reynaers Aluminium, which specialises in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions. Reynaers Middle East is headquartered in Bahrain and caters to the entire GCC region in addition to Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. With a rich portfolio of leading projects across the region, RME aspires to further advance its leading position as one of the leading aluminium solutions providers in the Middle East region.

For more information on Reynaers Middle East, call +973 17877 266 or visit Follow Reynaers Middle East on Facebook and Linkedin, reynaers_me on Instagram and Reynaers Aluminium on YouTube for the latest products, news and updates.


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